Our Vision Purpose and Values

Our vision is to build an appropriate and sustainable organisation in order to provide opportunities for people with a physical impairment to access, enjoy and compete in Powerchair Football across the Republic of Ireland.
We strive to develop, govern and promote the sport whilst maintaining our core organisational values.


The purpose of the AIPF is to provide persons with physical disabilities using power chairs the opportunity to play, learn, and compete in the sport of Powerchair Football. We encourage and promote the sport of Powerchair Football with the object of supporting the members play Powerchair Football in a structured team setting which enables all members to play to the best of their ability. We will achieve this by:

  • · Engaging with our members and their clubs to provide support, guidance and resources to create a sustainable network;
  • · Developing effective communication with our membership;
  • · Effectively administering all Powerchair Football league games and competitions throughout the Republic of Ireland;
  • · Create a pathway for members to represent the Republic of Ireland in international competitions; and
  • . Creating an appropriate and knowledgeable network of volunteers to support the game.

People are at the heart of everything we do and this is enshrined in all of our values:


  • · AIPF is committed to behaving responsibly with the highest standards of integrity. We operate to the highest standards of governance and recognise that we are accountable to our members, funders and the wider public at all times.


  • · AIPF’s commitment to excellence in the provision of services and corporate governance drives our development and growth as we strive to attain the highest standards in everything we do. We are results-focused and operate with independence in all areas of our work.


  • · AIPF is committed to a culture of mutual respect between members, families and volunteers. We listen with an open mind to what people have to say and value their diversity and contributions.


  • · AIPF believes in a fair and inclusive society. We work actively to ensure that every person with a physical disability in the Republic of Ireland who wishes to participate in Powerchair Football, will be afforded every opportunity to achieve their potential in our sport.


  • · AIPF’s ethos is that having fun should be at the heart of everything we do.


  • · AIPF is dedicated to fostering and instilling a sense of belonging and camaraderie through involvement in our sport.


  • · AIPF believes that our members can be empowered to achieve greater independence, by building confidence and self-determination, through involvement in our sport.