EPFA Champions Cup 2016


EPFA Champions Cup was the first year that Ireland were offered two places for their club teams to be represented at the tournament so the representatives were Midlands United and DCU Storm. The tournament was being hosted by Danish team Aarhus Rolling Devils and located at a disability school in Hou in Aarhus. It would be a ten team tournament with club teams from the hosts Denmark, England, France, and Ireland.

The Midlands United team was Thomas Donogher, Sean Donogher, Neil Sheehan and Emmett Daly. DCU Storm's players were Aoife McNicholl, Emer O'Sullivan, Patrick Flanagan, Padraic Moran and Keith Hayes. DCU Storm got an experience that most new teams get when they step up to the higher level of international competition, the strong French and English teams gave them defeats to ponder on Grafteaux 0-8, Aspire 0 -4 and Vaucresson 0-6, it was not a total whitewash though as they got a victory against the second Danish team BSF 3-2. Across in the other group Midlands were more competitive in their performances than their 2013 experience but fell to defeats in all of their matches to West Bromwich Albion 7-1, against Auch 6-0, Brighton and Hove Albion 3-0 and the hosts Aarhus Rolling Devils 3-0. Midlands would play-off against BSF for 9th/10th place and came away with a victory 1-0 to secure 9th place. In the 7th/8th play off match DCU Storm got the better of Aarhus Rolling Devils with a 1-0 win to leave with 7th place and a good showing for their first European tournament experience.