A New Era of promise at the FAI

Following a very turbulent time for Irish football when the future looked more and more bleak, a timeline of negotiations with stakeholders and key appointments has created a platform for football to flourish and build a much healthier governing body of football in Ireland. Firstly three Independent Directors were appointed Roy Barett as Chairperson. Catherine Guy and Liz Joyce. Gary Owens was appointed as Interim CEO and also added shortly afterwards was Niall Quinn as Deputy CEO. Gerry McAnaney was elected as President of the FAI at the reconvened AGM. Gerry would have been involved in being an advocate for Football For All previously. Following these appointments a rescue package for the FAI was announced involving the Government, UEFA and the banks. Although at an early stage, there has been a very positive response by the new appointees regarding the Football For All Program and a genuine interest in seeing it flourish and be supported. We watch this space with anticipation.

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